Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 2 English Subbed

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"The Blood-Soaked Future"

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Episode Summary: Akari awakens at the Sefiro Fiore institution, where the headmaster Etia Visconti tells her about the organization's use of the Elemental Tarot in their ongoing battle against the Daemonia, monsters that possess humans overtaken by negative emotions. Akari moves to the school and meets her new teammates: Seira Hoshikawa, who wields the Star card; Luna Tsukuyomi, who wields the Moon card; and Ginka Shirokane, who wields the Temperance card. During a seemingly normal day of lessons, the girls are dispatched to kill a Daemonia. As Akari fights the monster, she regains her memories of Fuyuna and loses her transformation out of shock, forcing Luna to help her retreat while Seira and Ginka finish their duty. Etia explains to Akari that those possessed by Daemonia cannot be saved, and that everything pertaining to that person's existence is erased once they are killed. Filled with anger and guilt, Akari runs from the academy and cries in apology to her aunt, who still remembers nothing of Fuyuna. Later, Akari spots a possessed man attempting to kill a happy father and son, and becomes conflicted on whether to act or not.

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  1. gangers

    Jul 14th, 2013

    okay… it just me or do this seem a bit like magica madoka?

  2. Komrad

    Sep 21st, 2013

    While i was watching i looked at it and was like… “Now where has that cat gone off too….?”

  3. SiriusXD

    Nov 11th, 2013

    Its not just you, I got into this series because of the similarities.

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