Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou Episode 4 English Subbed

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"Is This a Painting?"

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Episode Summary: A young painter named Kiyone feels resentment towards a popular painter, Yume Hashiyagama. One night, Kiyone comes across a mysterious silver-haired fortuneteller named Cerebrum, who gives her a tarot card and tells her to be true to her feelings. The next day, when she sees Yume kissing the boy she has a crush on, she uses the power of the tarot card, which is revealed to be a Diablos Tarot card that creates Daemonia, in order to have Yume killed by a truck and take her fame at the art contest with a twisted piece of her own. Meanwhile, Akari becomes upset at Seira, who claims only weak people become possessed by Daemonia, lamenting that she was unable to help Fuyuna when she needed it. Driven further by the Daemonia's influence, Kiyone begins killing more of the people who had looked down on her, at which point Akari and the others are called to face her. As they fight, Luna also becomes able to hear the Daemonia's resentful thoughts by touching Akari, with Seira killing it off before Akari can hear her true feelings. Afterwards, as Akari reads a journal left behind by Fuyuna, Luna states she is grateful to be able to hear the Daemonia.

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