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"The Other Side of the Path. The Promised Place"

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Episode Summary: With Ogiue as new president and several of the original members already graduated, four new members join the society: the strange Susanna Hopkins, the loud Rika Yoshitake, the grumpy Mirei Yajima and the mysterious Hato Kenjirou. The new members join the club attracted by Ogiue's yaoi drawings. She welcomes the new members but fears the club will become a "rotten girl" (fujoshi) haven for yaoi fans and that is getting a bit too far removed from its original purpose.

6 Responses to “Genshiken Nidaime Episode 1”

  1. AnimeLoverPatz

    Jul 6th, 2013


  2. AnguisNox


    Jul 6th, 2013

    hmmm… It was intersting, a bit too random but still funny in a way…

  3. RJ

    Jul 7th, 2013

    Hmm I think this is an extention of Genshiken which I watched years ago. Mostly new characters though – first class was mosty men, this one is mostly women. Compared to the original cast this feels like a subdued start.

    Based on the first season – its a slice of otaku university student life. Nothing much happens but if you’re a super anime/manga fan you’ll probably smile at the quirky characters and jokes referencing other anime/manga/creators/voice actors/otaku culture.

  4. Ondo

    Jul 7th, 2013

    Nice :)

    The art’s a bit different tho.. Ogiue looks and sounds different as well.

  5. RJ

    Jul 8th, 2013

    @Ondo Correct. Looks like almost all the old characters have different voice actors in this series.

    Honestly though it’s been so long since I saw the original I can’t really remember how they differ.

  6. Sephirus

    Jul 13th, 2013

    Ah, it’s been awhile~

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