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"Stream Recovery: The Hot Springs Travel Diary!?"
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Episode Summary: Ban and Ginji are sent to recover a stolen ring at a hot springs resort, but Paul, Natsumi, Hevn tag along. Just there, the thief steals a female's necklace, hearing her scream out, and Ban and Ginji run to attempt to catch the thief. However, at their wits' end, the thief was nowhere to be found. Ban and Ginji stake out the ladies' hot springs bath in the woods. They are in suspicion that a nude women is bathing is near a healing springs bath. Much to their chagrin, they bump into Kazuki and Juubei. Kazuki brought Juubei to the healing springs bath in order to heal his eyes, due to being blinded in their fight in the Limitless Fortress. Juubei asks Ginji to train with him in the mountains, to test his powers, later revealed to be his poor comedic skills. Kazuki explains Emishi teased for being unfunny and that would not help Makubex. Juubei decides to leave to "train" some more. At the ladies' hot springs bath, Natsumi and Hevn cry out, as they had a wristwatch stolen from them. Ban and Ginji pursue the thief, only to find out that the jewelry has been taken by a pack of monkeys. Ban and Ginji engage in combat against the monkeys, and it seems as though Ban and Ginji struggle to defeat them.

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