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"Get Back the Arms of the Goddess!"
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Episode Summary: Clayman returns to hire Ban and Ginji to recover the arms of the Venus de Milo, a famous sculpture of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Clayman explains that a French sculptor visited a Greek farmer, and found hunks of marble, using it to sculpt the Venus de Milo. Ginji becomes curious as to why the sculpture is missing both arms. As it is a mystery to many scholars and historians, Clayman wants The GetBackers to recover the arms in order to solve the mystery. She says that the arms are to be sold at an art auction on an island to a mafia. Meanwhile, on a cruise ship, Hera discuss with Mouen Ryuu about the replica of the Venus de Milo aboard the cruise ship. Hera says that we will broadcast attaching the arms to the sculpture, making her famous and fortunate. As she leaves Ryuu, she meets up with a man, named Natsuhiko Miroku, who is hired to protect the sculpture's arms, also aboard the cruise ship. On their way to the harbor, the Getbackers are tricked into being locked in the back of a truck by Emishi. However, Ban had used Jagan in order for him and Ginji to avoid being caught by Emishi. The Getbackers run into Akabane, who has been hired as a Transporter for the arms, as they briefly engage him in combat and then run away. They attempt to board the cruise ship by hiding themselves inside an empty cask of wine. Nevertheless, they are discovered by Shakuryuu and Hyouku, two mysterious assassins of Ryuu, who both practice a highly skilled technique. The ship is ordered to take off, and Ginji jumps on board while Ban stays back to fight the duo. Instead of fighting, however, the duo jump into a waiting motorboat and follow the cruise ship, leaving Ban on shore. Ban attempts to jump on to the ship as it is about to sail. However, Ban encounters Natsuhiko and is repelled by his sword, thereby falling into the ocean.

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