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"Mystery Assassins • The Miroku Brothers"
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Episode Summary: Ginji encounters Akabane, as the two face off once again. Akabane warns him, telling him that there more than one person pursuing him. Ginji evades from Akabane, wandering through the cruise ship alone. He runs into Yukihiko Miroku, who offers him an ice cream cone. It is revealed Hera hired Akabane for the transportation of the sculpture's arms. Shakuryuu and Hyouku are sent by Ryuu to guard Hera, however they are stopped by Akabane. Ban makes his way to the cruise ship via jet ski. Ginji dines with Yukihiko to commemorate their friendship. Shido and Emishi board the ship as well using dolphins that Shido called for. Ginji tells Yukihiko about Ban, different from what Natuhiko told Yukihiko about. It is revealed that Ryuu is responsible in the creation of the replica of the sculpture. Meanwhile, Emishi and Shido fight their way through the lower levels, and encounter Ryuu's bodyguards. Yukihiko advises Ginji to evacuate the ship, unfortunately Natsuhiko comes in and attacks Ginji. Yukihiko calls off Natsuhiko in the last second, and knocks Ginji out, who then becomes their captive. After defeating the bodyguards, Shido and Emishi are stopped by Shakuryuu and Hyouku. It is revealed that Skakuryuu and Hyouku practice a Chinese technique of martial arts. A drenched and wounded Ban finally sneaks aboard, who then Akabane. Ban, who anticipated a battle, is surprised to hear that Akabane, handing him a pack of cigarettes, challenges him to a fight after they arrive at the cruise ship's final destination. Shido and Emishi escape from Shakuryuu and Hyouku, using flying fish that Shido commanded. As the cruise ship makes its way toward the location of the art auction, everyone watches from abroad as fireworks spring out.

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