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"Hera and Kait"
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Episode Summary: Shido and Emishi are intrigued to know that the art auction will be held in a secluded island. Ban appears, and the two of them face off against him. However, Ban doesn't have the strength to fight them and instead collapses in Shido's arms. Meanwhile, Natsuhiko is disappointed in Yukihiko for sparing Ginji's life. Nevertheless, Yukihiko says that Ban will attempt to rescue Ginji, which then Natsuhiko will have a chance of battling Ban. As Natsuhiko leaves, Ginji, unable to move due to dislocation of all of his joints, sees Hera and Akabane enter. Although, Hera wanted Ginji dead, Yukihiko uses him as a hostage instead. When Ginji sees Hera, he recalls that she was once Kait's girlfriend, and had also served as a model for his artwork. Although, Hera and Kait were once engaged, she reveals that he became obsessed with the Venus de Milo, going so far as to abandoning his own artwork and ending his relationship with Hera, because she was not as perfect as the sculpture. Thus, Hera sees her work as an act of revenge against Kait and the Venus de Milo. Ginji suggests that they give him the arms, and that in return he and Ban will "recover" Hera's happiness. Annoyed by this notion, Hera orders a remorseful Yukihiko to kill him, right when Ryuu walks in. Ginji uses the distraction to push himself off the couch he is lying on in order to relocate his shoulder and breaks through a window and into the ocean, only to end up drowning. Meanwhile Ban awakens in the care of Shido and Emishi, who tell Ban that they are after the replica sculpture, and not the arms of the sculpture, putting off any reason to fight each other. Shido explains that the replica sculpture is actually made up of a very expensive drug called Aphrodite. A small amount of Aphrodite is worth millions of yen, and has the capability to destroy a countless number of lives due to its potency. It turns out that Mr. Moen Riyu is the chairman of the art auction, and that whoever wins the bid on the sculpture's arms will receive the replica sculpture as well, and thus will be in possession of Aphrodite, which is the real objective of the art auction. After the ship pulls into port, Ginji is found by Ban, Shido, and Emishi. They help relocate all his joints, but Ginji discovers that a radio transmitter was discreetly put on him. Unfortunately, the four of them find themselves surrounded by the bodyguards armed with guns.

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