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"Get Back the Eternal Goddess!"
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Episode Summary: As Ban hears the implosion caused by Miroku, he uses Jagan on Akabane to escape, causing him to see multiple images of Ban, which were diverted from balloons. It turns out that the implosion Miroku created using his ring blade was actually an explosion Ginji created amplifying the electricity using nearby electrical wires. The disturbance causes a minor power outage at the art auction. Hera reminisces about when Kait expresses his love for the beauty of the Venus de Milo, and then she makes her way to the art auction. It is revealed that Ban sneaks in the art auction as a television reporter. He uses Jagan on the male bidders, by means of a television screen, causing them all to see multiple sculptures, all with different hand gestures, diverted from all the female bidders. Ban, Ginji, Shido, and Emishi then confiscate the real arms of the sculpture as well as the replica sculpture. As the team runs to the shoreline, Kazuki pulls up in a small speedboat in order to take them back. However, as they are about to pull away, Hera shows up with a gun and hits the gas tank, which eventually begins to leak fuel. Emishi takes the gun away from her with his whip, and the five of them cruise off, as Ginji shouts out to Hera, promising to recover her happiness. Soon they realize that they must dump any unnecessary weight, and Ginji accidentally tosses the real arms of the sculpture as well as the replica sculpture overboard. Although the team acquired five hundred thousand yen, Clayman charges them three hundred thousand yen for the special balloons she made for Ban, and they already used two hundred thousand yen for preparations, so once again the team turn up penniless. Determined to get some good out of the mission, it is revealed that The GetBackers had another task assigned to them by Kait, to bring Hera back to him. They meet Hera at the designated location, however it turns out she just came in order to get revenge. Clayman shows up pushing Kait in a wheelchair, and she tells them that his mind and body have been ravished by an addiction to Aphrodite, rending him mute. The Getbackers take a disbelieving and scornful Hera back to Kait's studio, and shows her his last piece of artwork, a wall sized painting of Hera as a goddess, the work he had failed to complete years before because of his love for the Venus de Milo. Heartbroken and touched, Hera reunites with Kait and puts aside her anger. Finally, Ban runs into Ryuu again, who is carrying a briefcase full of Aphrodite in order to make a comeback. Thinking that he is going into the Limitless Fortress in order to sell the drug to Makubex, Ban tricks Ryuu into turning himself in to the police station, with the use of Jagan.

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