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"A Recital Just For You"
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Episode Summary: Ginji lost a bet with Natsumi at shogi, forcing Ban and Ginji to wash the dishes. Shido arrives at the Honky Tonk cafe, who waits for Hevn to show up. Hevn arrives in formal attire, and shes takes him to a department store to buy a tuxedo. Ban and Ginji become irritated for having no recovery assignment for a while. It is revealed that Shido was requested to attend Madoka's recital performance in the evening. Suddenly, a thief takes a boy hostage, attracting a crowd. Shido commands a flock of crows to attack the thief. Meanwhile, Madoka is practicing for her performance, and wonders if or when Shido will arrive to see her. Shido encounters Kirihito and his henchmen, as the henchmen command the wasp to attack him. Shido counterattacks commanding the crows as well as the mice. However, Kirihiro has Hevn as a hostage, and attacks Shido with spiders. Ban, saving Hevn, and Ginji, saving Shido, both arrive. Shido explains that Kirihito was a mafia boss who tried to take over the Limitless Fortress before The VOLTS were assembled. Kirihito reason for attacking Shido was to prove that insect masters are superior to beast masters. Using levitation and speed, Kirihito attacks Shido with spiderweb silk, as he commands the spider to prey on Shido. Nevertheless, Shido commanded the mice to destroy the spiders. With Ban and Ginji's help, Shido manages to defeat Kirihito. Ban withheld Shido from assassinating Kirihito, as he is reminded to attend Madoka's recital performance. Ban contacts Himiko to come and use her poisionous perfume to erase the memories of Kirihito and his henchmen for the past twenty-four hours. Shido noticed that Madoka's recital performance was already finished. So he returned to her house, only to find out that he wasn't home. He then remembers that Madoka would wait for him at the recital performance stage. He runs to see her, as she lands into his arms. Madoka plays a piece for Shido, as he thinks deeply about her.

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