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"Monkey Counterattack!"
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Episode Summary: As Ban, Ginji, and Natsumi drive up to visit the summer house of Madoka, they encounter a monkey, who then steal their food. Ban and Ginji chase the monkey into a nearby forest, but they eventually lose sight of it. Ginji finds the food, only to find out it was a trap. They soon find themselves surrounded by monkeys. They figure out the monkey were the same ones who had stolen all the jewelry in the hot springs bath from before. As they return to see Natsumi, unable to retrieve the food, the same monkey, who just so happens to be the boss monkey, deliberately starts eating the food right in front of them. Natsumi explains that she prepared their favorite meals for them, as the boss monkey continues to eat. Ban and Ginji break into tears, chasing the boss monkey, but to no avail. When they arrive at the summer house, they explained the story to Shido, who was indifferent on the matter. They later explained the story to Madoka, as she asks Shido to help them with this situation. Shido witnesses that the monkeys are eating food from the customers of a nearby food stand. The monkeys run away, and Shido chases them to the nearby forest where all of them are. Shido then meets the boss monkey. He orders all of the monkeys to sleep, however the boss monkey stays awake. Shido and the boss monkey face off in a head-on collision, with the boss monkey being defeated. The rest of the monkeys surround Shido, as they bow down to him. Meanwhile, Ban and Ginji drive back, as they encounter the boss monkey again, taking their food again. They chase the monkey to the nearby forest again, setting off the same trap. They see that Shido is the leader of the pack of monkeys, and that he has the food. As he tastes the first bite, he perceived the food as poisonous. Ban and Ginji sneak off back to the summer house, and they go to the hot springs bath there. It is seen that Shido, as well as the monkeys, also show up there. Eventually, Natsumi and Madoka go to the hot springs bath, seeing Ban, Ginji, and Shido there. Madoka asks Shido how the food was, as Shido upsets her as he thought it tasted awful. A disappointed Natsumi escorts a depressed Madoka back into the summer house. Ban and Ginji leave Shido alone. The next day, the monkeys are eating food from the customers of the same nearby food stand. Shido expresses his anger, and Ban and Ginji try to confront him. All three engage in a battle. This leads to their arrest.

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