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"Farewell, My Beloved"
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Episode Summary: Ban and Ginji are asked to recover a stolen government object. They record a sighting of a strange phenomenon, and they present it to Hevn the following day. Hevn sees a familiar person in the footage, and then cancels the mission for Ban and Ginji, giving them compensation for the cancellation. Hevn flashes back to when she was working in a research facility. The research facility was attacked by an army of commandos, and Eiji, her research partner, was shot in the process. In another flashback, Eiji discusses an alloy, which can be used to make methods of transportation more reliable. It can also make building more durable in structure, and can make prosthetic arms and legs more flexible and agile. So it seems that Hevn takes on the assignment, to retrieve the alloy, which is the stolen governmental object. She infiltrates the commando ship, but is faced by an army of commandos. She surrenders to them, and they take her to Eiji, later recognized. It is revealed that Ban and Ginji disguised themselves as commandos, as they defeat the commandos surrounding them. The leader runs away, and the three chases after Eiji. After they find him, they begin to attack him. Ginji's lightning and Ban's grip are rendered useless, as it is revealed that his clothes are woven with the material of the alloy. As she is surprised that Eiji survived the commando attack years before, he reveals that he is an agent, assigned to steal the alloy. He unveiled that he got close to Hevn to make his plan successful. Feeling deceived, Hevn prepared to snipe Eiji. However, he offers he to come with her to start their lives over again. He shows his bullet wounds from the command attack years before, proving how much he cares for her. Ban and Ginji leave Hevn and Eiji alone. The next day, at the Honky Tonk cafe, Ban and Ginji wonders about the whereabouts of Hevn and Eiji. Ironically, Hevn walks in and offers them a new assignment.

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