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"The Cost of Betrayal"
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Episode Summary: At the Honky Tonk cafe, Ban and Ginji are out of a job and are still unable to pay their tab for Paul. Azuma, later recognized, enters the Honky Tonk cafe, as he was an old acquaintance of Paul. Azuma asks Paul if he is able to obtain an item from Sakai, also later recognized. However, Azuma said he will return later on. Ban and Ginji were discussing about a band of thieves for hire who lived near a harbor, and they disbanded after a failed mission. It is later revealed that the band of thieves were Paul, Azuma, and Sakai. In a flashback, it is seen that Paul, Azuma, and Sakai are hired to steal a antique vase. However, Sakai betrayed Paul and Azuma by joining the mafia. They run for their lives, but Azuma is shot and falls into the ocean, supposedly being dead. In the present, Paul and Azuma need Ban and Ginji's help to reclaim the stolen antique vase from Sakai. Nevertheless, Ban rejects the case, and Ginji tries to talk him out of his decision. After Paul admits his mistake of being part of a band of thieves, Ban accepts the case, under the condition of relieving the tab. The four of them infiltrate the mafia mansion, getting past the mafia guards outside. Azuma disarms the security system of the mansion, which made Ginji impressed. They eventually find the antique vase. Paul carefully plans out the robbery of the antique vase, but Azuma sets off the security alarm, demanding to see Sakai. The four of them are in the custody of the mafia guards, and Sakai makes his way in to see them. Azuma unveils that he has a detonator to multiple bombs planted in the mansion, as it was his original plan from the start. He advises the other three to take the antique vase and run. However, Ban, Ginji, and Paul use the detonator as a distraction, as they take down the mafia guards. Azuma chases after Sakai, but is summarily shot by him. With little strength he has left, Azuma detonates the mansion, setting it into flames. However, Ban reveals that he had used Jagan on Sakai. Azuma asks Sakai why he joined the mafia, to which Sakai answered that he wanted to live a "better" life. He wanted Azuma to kill him, but Paul said that they have changed. Paul, Azuma, and Sakai go their separate ways.

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