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"The Man Who Came Back... The Limitless Fortress, Once More"
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Episode Summary: Kagami witness the return of Masaki Kurusu, master of light, in the Limitless Fortress. Sakura is seen being attacked by Kaoru Ujiie, master of fire. Himiko sees her injured and takes her to the Honky Tonk cafe. She tells Ban, Ginji, Himiko, and Hevn that MakubeX has been kidnapped. It is shown that Makubex was creating a program to download data from Lower Town into his computer system, to ensure peace in Lower Town and prevent any wars from happening. However, it is assumed that Masaki is responsible for kidnapping Makubex. Moreover, all the data download has been erased, and the computer system is heavily damaged. Ginji realizes that Kaoru was responsible for attacking Sakura, as there is an insignia on her arm. Masaki visits Gen in the pharmacy, as he is aware that Gen was one of the architects of the Limitless Fortress. Masaki hints that he has Makubex captive. Ren, being depressed for being an illusion, is sitting outside the pharmacy, wishing to see Kazuki again. Toshiki Uryuu, master of the force palm, offers her to come with him to see Kazuki. It is revealed that the insignia on Sakura's arm symbolizes that the fire from Kaoru will enter Sakura's body. She has one day until the fire will penetrate her body. As Ban and Ginji plan to rescue Makubex as well as plan to save Sakura, Kazuki and Shido come and join them. So Ban, Ginji, Himiko, Shido, and Kazuki head toward the Limitless Fortress, leaving Hevn with Sakura in the Honky Tonk cafe. Meanwhile in Lower Town, Emishi and Juubei split up. Emishi encounters Jouya Kanou, master of wind. Kanou explains that when The VOLTS disbanded, he had no reason to stay in the Limitless Fortress. However, since he has returned to the Limitless Fortress, hinting that Masaki has returned as well. Juubei manages to catch up with an injured Emishi and prevent Kanou from attacking. As Kanou evades, Emishi explains that Masaki has returned to the Limitless Fortress and is responsible for kidnapping Makubex.

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