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"Demon of Revenge: Fudou Passes Away Dies"
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Episode Summary: It is revealed in the past that Teshimine spoke to Masaki about the use of Ginji's superhuman power. He first wanted to use that power to obtain peace in the Limitless Fortress, but took advantage of it, lusting for more power. In the past, Teshimine left the Limitless Fortress, asking Masaki to care for Ginji. With that known, Teshimine attacks Masaki for going against his word. Meanwhile, Sakura is becoming more and more ill as Hevn is watching over her. Natsumi brings cold towels for Sakura, and Natsumi is asked to watch over her. Paul goes down to the basement, with Hevn following him. It seems as if there is a computer system in the basement. Natsumi runs to get more cold towels for Sakura, but Sakura struggles to go to the basement, asking to know if she could contact Makubex using the computer system. Back at the Mayan Temple, Himiko uses were poisonous perfume of fire against Kaoru, but is rendered powerless against her. She then uses her poisonous perfume of manipulation against Kaoru. But due to Kaoru's ability to burn the perfume scent in her lungs, it is also rendered powerless against her. Ban encounters Fudou. Fudou reveals that Kagami repaired his left arm, just to see Ban's true power. Ban and Fudou engage in hand-to-hand combat, evenly matched. Meanwhile, Himiko is struggling against Kaoru. She uses her poisonous perfume of speed, taking a whiff of it twice. After a third whiff, she manages to defeat Kaoru, however she herself pays a heavy toll on her health. Shido collapses in front of Gen's pharmacy. It seems as if Ban and Fudou are hassling to defeat each other. But somehow Ban manages to defeat Fudou. Ban uses Jagan on Fudou, causing him to dream that he is punching Ban to death. Kagami shows up, and Ban is frustrated. MakubeX tries to send information from the Archive computer system to the Honky Tonk cafe computer system. Ren, with Uryuu by her side, notices this and attempts to block Makubex, but to no avail. Ban finds an unconscious Himiko and rushes over to the pharmacy to see Gen. Teshimine lost his match against Masaki. Sakura receives the information from Makubex, showing a map of the Archive. Ren was able to block the information from being transferred to Gen, making Paul and Hevn out of luck. However, Hevn devises that Akabane could transport the map to Gen directly. Also, Ginji encounters Sarai Kagenuma.

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