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"The Brain Trust"
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Episode Summary: Sarai claims to know Ginji very well. Ginji, being lost, asks Sarai for directions. Sarai, in response, tells him to go to Babylon City, and then suddenly exits. Akabane enters Lower Town, and he encounters Kagami, who eventually guides him to the pharmacy. Ginji runs into Akabane, as they both make their way to the pharmacy. At the pharmacy, Ban watches over Himiko and Shido. Kazuki and Juubei are there as well. Akabane delivered the information to the pharmacy, and the team examines the information. The map shows the architecture of The Beltline, which is between Lower Town and Babylon City. Kazuki recalls how dangerous The Beltline is. The Beltline is the home to many ruthless and cruel people, many of whom have attacked residents of Lower Town. The map reveals that Makubex is in the Archive. After Ban forcefully persuades Gen to reveal any secrets of his past, Gen tells everyone that he used to be part of The Brain Trust. The Brain Trust is responsible for creating the Limitless Fortress, even after Gen left the organization. Ban, Ginji, Kazuki, Juubei, and Akabane leave the pharmacy to head toward The Beltline. Meanwhile, a frustrated storms out of the monitoring room, furious at Uryuu. Ren continues to depress over being an illusion. As Ban and the others enter the Beltline, they come across a field of flowers, as they all assume they are in a virtual reality room. Ginji becomes separated from the rest of the crew, as the others begin to look for him. Ginji then sees Masaki. He confronts Masaki, questioning why he has Makubex hostage.

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