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"Storm the Beltline! Ginji vs. Masaki"
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Episode Summary: As Ban, Kazuki, Juubei, and Akabane try to find Ginji in the virtual reality room, an imaginary door appears, seemingly leading to Makubex. Masaki is beating Ginji up, as Ginji tries to resist fighting back. As Masaki attempts to deliver the finishing move, he is abruptly stopped by Ban and the others. Masaki retreats, warning them to leave the Limitless Fortress immediately. They then tend to a wounded Ginji, having great concern over him. Ginji uses the electricity in the room to "recharge" his energy, an interesting way to heal. Sarai then appears, as he notices that Ginji has chosen to enter The Beltline. He offers to be their guide toward Babylon City. As they follow Sarai through what seems to be a maze, they have noticed that Akabane stayed behind, who had encountered Kagami right when they left. Juubei separates from the group to confront Uryuu, with Kazuki going after him. After it is figured out that Sarai is from Babylon City, Sarai questions Ginji on his return to the Limitless Fortress. Sarai leads Ginji to Kaoru, and he leads Ban to Kanou. Meanwhile, Uryuu recalls to Juubei that they competed against each other when they were younger. So they engage in a battle to settle their score. As Ban and Kanou fight, so does Ginji and Kaoru. Kaoru admits her love for Ginji, as she breaks out in tears. Ginji tells her that his love for her has changed, but he will always remember her love for him.

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