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"Fated Showdown • Ban vs. Akabane"
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Episode Summary: It is revealed that Makubex is an illusion, just like Ren. Masaki leaves Makubex in the Archive, ignoring him. Ban and Ginju leave Kaoru, hoping she will make the right decision to help recover Sakura. Juubei and Uryuu continue their battle. In a flashback, it is revealed that Kazuki, Juubei, and Uryuu formed a group. But it was because of Uryuu's sheer strength that lead to the group's disbandment. Just as Juubei and Uryuu are about to release their full power on each other, flying needles versus force palm, Kazuki steps in and stops them. Kazuki is aware than Ren is watching them. Ban is led to Akabane, and Ginji is led to Masaki. As Ban fights Akabane, Masaki tells Ginji that he was sent by The Brain Trust to observe Lower Town. He says that betrayed Ginji, after Teshimine left him in the care of Masaki. Gen conducts a plan, enlisting the help of Ren and Paul. It is believed that Ban and Akabane are one and the same, equally matched, and similarly skilled. However, Ban tells Akabane that it was Ginji's inspiration to break away from the urge to hurt and move toward the passion to protect. Ban uses that inspiration to defeat Akabane.

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