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"Dream: To See It to the End"
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Episode Summary: Leopold Schumacher is caught by the Imperial military police. Schumacher reveals that the last of the Terraists have landed on Fezzan. Julian Mintz and Reinhard von Lohengramm exchange stories and political viewpoints on their trip to Fezzan. Reinhard's sister and wife tend to him as he lays bedridden. Paul von Oberstein releases a rumour that the Kaiser plans to destroy Terra to lure out the remaining Terraists. Julian and friends notice the Terraists at the provisional Imperial residence and kill the last of the Terraists. Oberstein had used himself as bait and died in place of the Kaiser, although it is not known for certain. Reinhard is surrounded by all his top-ranking admirals, family members, and ministers as he prepares to die. Reinhard wants to leave his son with a friend equal to Siegfried Kircheis and chooses Mittermeyer's adopted son. Julian's staff members go their separate ways. On 26 July 801 UC, Reinhard dies, after leaving the New Galactic Empire and the decision to institute constitutional reforms in his wife and regent's hands. At the Mittermeyer estate young Felix reaches for the stars, echoing Reinhard's ambition.

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