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"One Narrow Thread"
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Episode Summary: In Fezzan, Adrian Rubinsky explains his plans to Degsby, a Terraist bishop: he will use his contacts in the Free Planets Alliance, such as chairman Job Trunicht, to make the Alliance crumble from within, paving the way for an Imperial victory. Then, Reinhard von Lohengramm is to be assassinated, allowing them to take over the unified galaxy. Rupert Kesserling is sent to the Alliance's commissioner in Fezzan, reporting that financial support can only continue if the Alliance is a stable democracy, hinting that Yang Wen-li is harbouring ambitions to seize power. In Iserlohn Fortress, Julian Mintz is promoted for his achievements in his first battle, and is invited to the Cazerne residence for a celebratory dinner. After the meal, Alex Cazerne expresses his concerns to Yang about his safety; for the time being, Yang's skills are needed, but Cazerne fears that Trunicht will dispose of him in the end. In Heinessen, Trunicht, who dislikes Yang's popularity, orders the Secretary of Defence, Negroponte, to find fault with Yang via an inquiry committee inquiring about his actions during the Alliance Civil War.

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