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"The Return "
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Episode Summary: Reinhard von Lohengramm is displeased by Karl Gustav Kempff's battle progress report and decides to dispatch the fleets under Wolfgang Mittermeyer and Oskar von Reuenthal as reinforcements. He thinks that what Kempff should have done was to smash Geiersburg Fortress against Iserlohn Fortress and destroy both fortresses right from the start. Incidentally, Yang Wen-li has the same opinion as well. In the Iserlohn Corridor, Imperial scout ships detect Yang's reinforcement fleet. Kempff plans to lure the Iserlohn Garrison Fleet out of the fortress by pretending to retreat, then strike and seal it within the fortress, which will free up his forces to attack the reinforcements. Julian Mintz sees through his plan. Willibald Joachim von Merkatz, leading the Iserlohn fleet, pretends to fall into the trap, thus the Imperial fleet is attacked from behind when it engages Yang's fleet. Kempff finally decides to smash Geiersburg into Iserlohn, but Yang orders the now combined Alliance fleet to concentrate all firepower against one of Geiersburg's exposed thrusters, destroying it and causing the fortress to veer out of control and expose itself to a fatal shot from Iserlohn's main gun, the Thor Hammer. Geiersburg then begin to disintegrate, killing Kempff in the process and severely injuring Neidhart Müller, who orders the surviving Imperial forces to retreat. Some Alliance commanders decide to pursue the retreating Imperial fleet against Yang's orders.

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