Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Episode 45 English Subbed

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"The Cold Spell Arrives"
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Episode Summary: Reinhard von Lohengramm celebrates the new year with his officers in Fezzan. The citizens on Heinessen panic and question the Free Planets Alliance government's handling of the Imperial occupation of Fezzan and the expected invasion through it. Alexandre Bewcock is chosen to lead the defence of the Alliance. The Alliance situation is dire as its military strength is greatly weakened from the Imperial territory invasion debacle and the Alliance Civil War; its only intact fleet besides the Iserlohn Garrison Fleet is the 1st Fleet. To remedy this deficiency, a hodgepodge of 20,000 warships are gathered from all around the Alliance to form the 14th Fleet and the 15th Fleet. Nevertheless, the military leaders of the Alliance are acutely aware that they do not have enough ships to block the exit of the Fezzan Corridor and decide that their only chance of victory will be to draw the Imperial forces deep within Alliance territory and then cut their supply lines, thereby making them vulnerable to a counterattack. Yang Wen-li is given free rein over any future actions for the Iserlohn Garrison Fleet, in the hope that he will use the fleet to assist in the Alliance defence plan. On 8 January 799 UC, the first Imperial fleet, led by Wolfgang Mittermeyer, passes through the Fezzan Corridor into Alliance territory.

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