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"Sudden Change"
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Episode Summary: The Yang Fleet approaches firing range of the Brünhild, but before the finishing blow is struck, an urgent message from Heinessen reports the unconditional surrender of the Free Planets Alliance and calls for a ceasefire, which Yang Wen-li complies. During the Battle of Vermilion, Hildegard von Mariendorf had convinced Wolfgang Mittermeyer to attack Heinessen instead of aiding Reinhard von Lohengramm in the Vermilion Starzone in accordance to the original battle plan, reasoning that the Battle of Vermilion would have concluded in Reinhard's death before the other fleets could return in time. Hildegard was wary of Oskar von Reuenthal's ambitions, but had Mittermeyer convincing Reuenthal to attack Heinessen jointly. When the Mittermeyer Fleet and the Reuenthal Fleet appeared outside Heinessen, Job Trunicht plans to surrender, while the other members of the Alliance war council would prefer to hold the ground with their lives to buy time for Yang to defeat Reinhard. During the meeting, armed Terraist members rescue Trunicht, enabling him to remove any opposition to surrendering. The unconditional surrender of the Alliance divides Yang's staff, with some arguing to ignore orders and kill Reinhard while others grudgingly accepting the ceasefire. It is ultimately decided that a portion of Yang's staff will escape with Willibald Joachim von Merkatz to form a secret resistance force.

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