Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Episode 80 English Subbed

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"The Battle of the Corridor: Kaleidoscope"
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Episode Summary: Reinhard von Lohengramm reproves Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld for his initiation of combat without his approval that ultimately led to the demise of Adalbert von Fahrenheit but does not punish him. Dusty Attemborough's squadron lines the entrance of the Iserlohn Corridor with mines. Yang Wen-li's plan was to restrict the movement of the Imperial Fleet in the already narrow corridor such that the El Facil Revolutionary Reserve Force will have a numerical advantage against any Imperial units that tries to clear a path through the minefield. The Imperial Fleet however clears five paths through the minefield using directional Seffle particles which overwhelms the EFRRF's ability to contain the emerging Imperial warships. The Imperial fleet movements are nevertheless sluggish within the corridor, and Commodore Marino's squadron is able to approach Reinhard's flagship Brünhild. Karl Robert Steinmetz intercepts Marino with his fleet but is killed in the process. Oskar von Reuenthal orders the Imperial Fleet to feign a retreat, which ends up with the EFRRF closing in to the main section due to poor coordination within the Imperial Fleet. The EFRRF is unable to penetrate the battle line though. Both sides then withdraw.

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