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"Why Not Talk About the Old Days for a Change?"

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Episode Summary: While cleaning the Yorozuya shop, Shinpachi and Kagura find a picture behind a sign depicting Gintoki with a beautiful woman. As they start to argue about who this woman could have been, Gintoki returns and starts to explain that she was the previous character of Catherine. Gintoki then reveals the other's previous characters: Shinpachi's was Kanemura, a muscular black man with a gun for a right arm; Sadaharu's was a man similar to Kanemura, and Kagura's was a muscular black woman. The final pictures implies Gintoki drowned his former companions, causing Shinpachi and Kagura to leave in disgust. Gintoki hides a picture of the current Odd Jobs behind the sign and prays for a good new year.

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