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"Please help by separating your trash."
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Episode Summary: After checking on his trash after being scared by a TV Commercial, Gintoki finds an Android's head in the trash. Kagura brings the head back to the Yorozuya to use as an "egg cracker". After discovering that it is an Android's head, Gintoki takes the head to Gingai the mechanic, who repairs it. After activating the head, a news report is shown on the TV announcing the murder of the Robotics expert, Professor Hayashi, and the prime suspect is his former robot secretary Fuzou-0. Fuzou-0's head resembles the head on the news, but when asked, the android claims to have lost her memory and is given the name "Tama-San" by Kagura 3 strangers, 2 of whom are robots arrive to take the head, and the Yorozuya trio escape with Tama-San. During a break in the ensuing chase, Fuzuo-0 begins to cry, and an army of robot maids arrive.

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