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"Even cute things are creepy where there's a lot of them."
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Episode Summary: Shinpachi escapes with Fuzuo-0, but is captured by the army of robot maids. After Gintoki and Kagura escape from the maids on Sadaharu, they head for Gingai's place. There they discover that Professor Hayashi had copied the personality of his dead Daughter into Fuzuo-0, and the truth about Hayashi's death. Hayashi had transferred his personality to the android "502", however the personality has degraded and 502 wishes for robots to rise above Humans. Shinpachi was able to separate Fuzuo-0's memory just before he was captured by the maids, and leave it for Gengai to find. Gengai implants Fuzuo-0's memory and personaility into another robot. As an army of robotic maids arrive at Gengai's, there is an explosion and Gintoki, Kagura and Gengai emerge and head for the terminal on a tank.

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