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"A dog's paw smells aromatic/Go with Might Happen Drive."
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Episode Summary: Sadaharu isn't feeling well, and eventually everyone realises he is in "heat". In order to find Sadaharu a mate, they travel to a local park used by other dog owners. After being turned down several times, a dog named Meru-chan that belongs to a local Yakuza gang, gains the attention of Sadaharu. The Yakuza members give chase after Sadaharu and the others, eventually heading onto a lake. After a while, the chase is interrupted by several boats colliding on the lake, and Sadaharu pulls everyone onto the bank of the lake. After Katsura breaks up a Joui meeting after the other members keep talking about the drama "Summer Sonata", he tries to rent the first DVD, but is asked to provide a driving license as proof of identity. To ontain a license, Katsura joins a driving school, and winds up in a co-learning session with Gintoki. During the lesson, Katsura has several daydreams inventing ridiculous situations, such as believing a bomb has been planted in the car, and that a man is trying to kill himself on a railway track. Katsura manages to watch "Summer Sonata", but at the next Joui meeting, the members are talking about another drama. In an attempt to gain a rental membership, Katsura pulls out his "Wanted" poster as proof of identity.

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