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"The manga writer is actually pro, after you've done stocks of manuscript."
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Episode Summary: Edo's under attack by M-unibrow zombies! Catherine appears with a "unibrow" eyebrow, and acting like a Zombie, attacks Otose. Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi escape to the street, but encounter a taxi driver with the same "unibrow". An emergency announcement is broadcast warning people to stay in their homes as the number of eyebrow zombies increases. They encounter Katsura, but are surrounded by the zombies. They are saved by Hasegawa who lets them into the bathroom of a Pachinko parlour he is working at. Sa-chan arrives and explains that the problem is caused by the "Ryo-II" Virus, and that the Kabuki district is under martial law. Everyone is trapped within the pachinko parlour, but a zombie Otae breakes in. Gintoki, Kagura, Sa-chan, Shinpachi and Katsura escape into an elevator, but Hasegawa is left behind. After leaving the elevator, they meet Elisabeth, who has saved Hasegawa. However, Katsura is infected by Elizabeth as Hasegawa enters the elevator and the door closes. Hasegawa has turned into an eyebrow zombie, so Gintoki and the other survivors attack him with a razer. After escaping onto the roof, Matsudaira arrives and announced he has a vaccine for the virus, however he turns into an eyebrow zombie and the helicopter he is on crashes. The zombies burst through the door and infect everyone but Gintoki, who catches Matsudaira's vaccine and unleashes it onto the zombies.

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