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"Rank has nothing to do with luck."
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Episode Summary: Otae's boss hires the Yorozuya to find replacements to serve was his hostesses due to most of them being sick. Gintoki enlists Kyubei, Ayumu, Catherine, Ayame, and Kagura only to have Ayumu and Catherine to knock themselves out forcing him and Shinpachi to substitute. They discover the important customer to be the shogun escorted by the Shinsengumi. Katakuriko Matsudaira suggests the shogun and the hostesses play a game of drawing sticks where the one who draws the one lettered with shogun orders one of the numbers around. The game continues till the shogun is unintentionally is stripped naked and forced to go out and buy underwear. Kyubei buys the underwear and apologizes to the shogun who replies he had fun. When passing the bag to him, the shogun brushes his hand on hers, causing her to throw him into the river.

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