Girls Und Panzer Episode 12 English Subbed

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"This Fight Won't Be Dismissed!"

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Episode Summary: Ōarai manages to defeat the Maus through a combined team effort, but the Turtle Team's tank is disabled in the process. The remaining Ōarai tanks then disperse in order to split up the main Kuromorimine force as it descends upon the town. In the fierce fighting, Ōarai's tanks are picked off one after another, but they manage to buy the Anglerfish Team enough time to lure the Kuromorimine flag tank commanded by Maho into an enclosed building complex. The Leopon Team then blocks off the complex entrance from the rest of the Kuromorimine forces, allowing Miho to engage Maho in a desperate one-on-one tank duel in which Miho barely emerges victorious, winning the match and the championship for Ōarai. After the battle, Maho and Erika graciously admit defeat to Miho, and Maho is pleased to hear that Miho has finally found her own way of Sensha-dō. The Ōarai teams return to their hometown to celebrate their victory, ending with a parade through the streets of the town.

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