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"The First Round Reaches Its Climax!"

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Episode Summary: Miho takes advantage of the radio interceptor balloon once again to lure the bulk of the Saunders forces away from the battlefield, giving the Ōarai teams enough time to find the Saunders flag tank and lure it into an ambush. Upon learning of her subordinate's unsportsmanlike tactic of tapping into Ōarai's radio messages, Kay, the Saunders commander, decides to make amends by reducing the number of her active tanks to match those of Ōarai. As the Ōarai teams chase after the Saunders flag tank, their own tanks begin to be taken out by Kay's pursuing forces. Facing imminent defeat, Miho gambles on the risky tactic of having her tank climb atop a ridge, where Hana manages to take out the Saunders flag tank and win the match just before they themselves are taken out. After Kay commends Miho on her victory and takes her leave, Mako learns that her grandmother has been taken to a hospital. Overhearing this, Maho, who was watching the match, instructs Erika to fly both Mako and Saori to the hospital.

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