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"It's a Desperate Situation!"

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Episode Summary: The Student Council explains that the school is to be shut down next year because of a lack of funding, and that they revived Sensha-dō to earn the prestige and money needed to keep the school running. Miho decides they need to fight for their school's survival, and sends Yukari, Erwin, Mako, and Midoriko to scout the enemy's tank placements in order to formulate a plan. Noticing everyone's morale is low, Miho also encourages everyone to do the embarrassing Anglerfish dance to get motivated. The battle resumes once Pravda's deadline expires, with the Turtle Team quickly taking out two enemy tanks before being taken out by Nonna. As the Rabbit and Mallard Teams work to protect the Duck Team flag tank, the Anglerfish and Hippo Teams pursue Pravda's flag tank, using Yukari as a spotter to pinpoint its location. Eventually, Nonna eliminates the Duck Team's protectors, and Ōarai manages to corner their own target. Both flag tanks then appear to be hit simultaneously.

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