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"In the Mirror"
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Episode Summary: Ghost Banri, having awakened back in his physical body, feels the urge to see Linda. He slips and falls, hitting his chin on the floor. He returns to being "new" Banri, and sees in the mirror Kōko gave him that he has cut his chin. Despite not being a serious injury, Banri feels ill. He discovers the hidden picture of Linda and himself is missing. He tries to go to the hospital by himself, but Nana finds him and takes him there. On the way home he tells Nana that he had the wrong idea about her, and that she is actually really nice. She listens with her usual cool attitude. Once home, she passes him off to a waiting Linda, who accuses her of beating up Banri. Nana tells Linda that she only helped him, and leaves Linda and Banri by themselves. Linda takes care of Banri for a while, feeding him water and medicine. Banri reflects on the conflict of emotions he experiences about Linda and Kōko. Kōko arrives with a bouquet of roses and accuses Banri of cheating because he's alone in his apartment with Linda. Banri and Linda are taken aback until Kōko reveals she's kidding, tossing the roses aside. 2D-kun and Mitsuo arrive and jokingly argue over who caught the bouquet and will get married first. Kōko assures everyone present that she was really kidding, and that she knows that Banri would never cheat on her. She goes a little over the top about the subject, and gets chided by Linda who tells her to cut it out. Kōko, in turn, chides Banri for not telling her that Nana lived next door, but forgives him anyway. She also thanks Linda for taking care of Banri, but Mitsuo suspects she is not being honest about her true feelings. They begin to argue, but Linda stops them for Banri's sake. Kōko admits that having another woman take care of him before she could get there did make her a little jealous. Linda admits that Nana took care of him first. Everyone discusses summer vacation plans, and decides to go to the beach together. Later that night, Banri awakens and finds Kōko still there and watching over him. Kōko apologizes for not taking care of him properly and making a fuss when he was not feeling well. She becomes depressed, telling Banri that she could never be a good girlfriend. Banri gives her an assuring hug, and asks if she's not entirely over her own cold yet. She assures him that she couldn't have come and seen him if that were the case. She admits that she wanted to go to the beach only with him, and asks if he will take her when he's better. She further states that "it doesn't have to be Paris", referring to her ideal "first time" location. Banri promises that he will take her once summer vacation arrives.

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  1. ffman

    Dec 5th, 2013

    where’s the sub ? 3_3

  2. Ragingfox


    Dec 5th, 2013

    Added subs. Had it encoded anywayz

  3. taylor

    Dec 5th, 2013

    Im not used to animes not ending dramatically in some way

  4. lurkinggood

    Dec 5th, 2013

    I love this show. It’s very unusual. Neither Koko nor Linda fit type, and Banry’s personality is deepening as he copes with his brain damage and relationships.

  5. ReDHaZexXxHaZeL

    Sep 21st, 2014

    DL :3

  6. Chevy

    Jul 5th, 2016

    I hope Banry and Koko remain together for the rest of the show now that the ghost of himself returned to its body

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