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"My Hometown"
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11 Responses to “Golden Time Episode 18”

  1. lurkinggood

    Feb 13th, 2014

    Great episode, sad ending.

    Why does Linda not tell anyone anything about what’s going on? It’s kind of weird. I think there’s some bad stuff happening to her.

  2. lurkinggood

    Feb 13th, 2014

    Oh my God, I think I know what’s happening to Linda.

  3. fritzce

    Feb 13th, 2014

    oh fck off spoilers. i accidentally saw one of these effin comments. these spoilers should be suspended for a week.

  4. lurkinggood

    Feb 13th, 2014

    Ooof– sorry for that spoiler. I didn’t mean to throw one out there.

    Wish we could edit these.

  5. Nobody

    Feb 13th, 2014

    Fritzce don’t look down, and omg da beginning!

  6. tiffa

    Feb 14th, 2014

    its not a spoiler since it happened in the ep and they commented their reaction..
    its your fault all the way through.

  7. girly

    Feb 14th, 2014

    hate linda

  8. Jelly99

    Mar 9th, 2014

    What? What do you guys mean? What’s happening to Linda O.O

  9. Chevy

    Oct 18th, 2016

    Did anyone else notice that Banri was wearing a Mexico shirt

  10. Chevy

    Oct 18th, 2016

    Dominos pizza

  11. Chevy

    Oct 18th, 2016

    Yes your memories are returning

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