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"His Chasm"
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12 Responses to “Golden Time Episode 20”

  1. lurkinggood

    Feb 27th, 2014

    Poor Banri. Brain damage is an awful thing. The brain tries to recircuit on its own time, not the one you want.

  2. alex

    Feb 27th, 2014


  3. DanDy

    Feb 27th, 2014


  4. Over 9

    Feb 27th, 2014

    I knew there was a bad end coming, what I thought was going to be him losing the ring…. I am happy

  5. olympus

    Feb 28th, 2014

    hmm just like that i thought it would be more dramatic

  6. crnr


    Mar 31st, 2014

    HOLY SHIT! talk about wrong timing >.<

  7. Jelly99

    Apr 22nd, 2014

    I feel bad for Banri :(

  8. Jam Tan

    May 23rd, 2016

    Am I the only one that noticed that she doesn’t have her right earring in 12:09

  9. Chevy

    Oct 18th, 2016

    He doesn’t give her the ring until the last episode but I am not going to tell you when he does during the last episode

  10. Chevy

    Oct 18th, 2016

    You are right she doesn’t

  11. Chevy

    Oct 18th, 2016

    Why couldn’t this show be a harem were both Linda and Koko love Banri

  12. Chevy

    Oct 18th, 2016

    Form this episode on his memories will now return to him and he will slowly forget about Koko. Sorry to spoil the rest of the show but I didn’t say what is to come at the last episode

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