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"Call Checkmate on an Ash-Colored Chessboard"

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Episode Summary: All the pieces of Albert's plan have fallen into place. Kujo has been deported and Victorique has been imprisoned in the Sauville royal palace. Using her wisdom, Albert exposes Jupiter Roget's identity as a Gray Wolf to the other nobility and runs him out, then persuades King Rupert to make an alliance with the rising power of Germany. Kujo has been enlisted into the Japanese military, Albert is soon to be named the new Prime Minister of Sauville and has Grevil bring Victorique out during the ceremony to show off his power. However, sometime before the ceremony Cordelia switched places with Victorique, and confronts Albert, revealing his crimes to the entire country. When one of the Brian Roscoe twins stages a terrorist attack on the ceremony, Cordelia engages Albert in a sword fight using a pair of short swords as weapons and successfully kills him, but is slain herself by one of Albert's minions. Meanwhile, the other Brian, who has taken Victorique away in a stagecoach, attempts to kill her to erase Cordelia's "pain" as he sees it.

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    TT-TT why do I get tears when I’m looking for something cool TT-TT I wish I could be as brave as cordelia so sacrfice my own life for my loved once TT-TT

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