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"Looking at Eternity over the Grim Reaper's Shoulder"

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Episode Summary: After trying to kill Victorique, the Brian Roscoe who was with her fell from a cliff and was seriously injured, while his brother died with Cordelia in Sauville. Victorique saved him and was taken to the port where they were found by Grevil who had orders to capture them, but let them escape instead. In a boat leaving the country, Brian states to Victorique that Cordelia was the kind of mother he and his brother always wanted, and was envious of Cordelia's love for her. Begging her to keep living for her mother's sake, he passes on. Two officers stationed on the boat noticed Victorique, when they were searching for a 15 year old girl who looks 10 with golden hair. They approached her and took off her veil; although instead of seeing long golden hair from the girl's head, they were surprised to see that she had silver hair. Their orders were to search for a girl with long blond hair, so they just let her go, thinking they just made a mistake. She is then approached by Jupiter Roget, who was bringing with him Kujo's letters to her. After the war ends, the academy is reopened, Grevil, who had now paid his debt to Victorique sports his old hairstyle again. Jupiter Roget then appears before Sauville's king and tells him of how the queen's maid had saved her by taking her place and dying for her. After this, the king begs Jupiter to work with him again. Avril is seen on a beach, presumably near her home. She sends a letter in a bottle on the waters, hoping for a miracle that it reaches Kujo and Victorique. To her annoyance, the bottle is washed back ashore. Ambrose is also seen reading a book about the Monstre Charmant. After reaching the end all the mythical characters in the book wave good-bye before being sucked into a strange door. The door then fades into the background of the picture in the book, the picture looks much like Saubrème after the fire caused by Brian and Cordelia, symbolising that the old ways of the kingdom of Sauville went away in the fire and a new dawn has come. In Spring of 1929, Kujo, who has grown his original hairstyle back, returns safely to a war-torn Japan to reunite with his family and Victorique, who had been living with them after finding clues as to where to find them and using the letters from Kujo (as well as the information he had already told them about her) to prove her identity. After Kujo and Victorique are reunited, both state that no matter how the world changes, they will always be together. They seemingly lived happily ever after.

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  1. Animewatcher

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    I only have 1 word- awesome!

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    Mar 6th, 2013

    so touching and and it made me shed tears…

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    I can’t believe I’m lost for words to say TT-TT except for why didn’t I find this anime earlier TT-TT

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    Jan 18th, 2014

    Gosick portrays a truly heart warming story that is both beautiful and magnificent to watch.

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    Man that was awesome…..

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