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Episode Summary: Ayase, Tsugumi and Argo are shocked on what Gai has done and Daryl is bewildered upon given orders to protect Gai, their former enemy. An UN Stealth Bomber attempts to bomb them but Gai sacrifices the student ring leaders of the coup to destroy the plane. After destroying their Voids, Gai orders Ayase, Tsugumi and Argo to join him or die but are rescued by Daryl who is protective with Tsugumi and blames Gai for making him kill his father. In the confusion of Daryl's insubordination, Inori escapes with Shu while Ayase, Tsugumi and Argo escape on their own and Arisa defends Gai, revealing he was the one who told her to start the coup and joins the Anti Bodies. The UN Naval Fleet sent to destroy Japan are obliterated by a Leukocyte blast operated by Kenji where Gai tells the UN to not interfere in their operations or he will activate the 256 Leukocyte satellites orbiting Earth. Three days after Gai's announcement to the world, Inori and Shu are on the run from the Anti Bodies who were hunting her which Arisa jealously wonders why Gai wants her. Elsewhere, Okina and his secretary Kurachi believes the GHQ is now being controlled by the secret organization "Daath", whose goal was to get Shu's Void Genome and now Inori. At GHQ HQ, Haruka apologizes to her son on what she did in order to save his life. In their attempt to capture Inori, Arisa and the Anti Bodies are attacked by Okina and his men to stop them and kill Arisa for dishonoring their family name only for Arisa to kill her grandfather in self-defense. Inori is slowly losing herself to Mana who is trying to take over her body and mockingly calls Inori a copy and a monster. Inori comforts a depressed Shu that he should stop blaming himself as she will always be there for him no matter what. In order to protect him from the Anti Bodies, Inori stuns Shu and faces off Arisa's Endlaves by transforming into a monster, admitting while she is a monster, she is not a copy but her own self as Shu loves her for who she is. Despite destroying their Endlaves, Inori is captured by Gai. Shu wakes up learning of Inori's capture and is in resolved to save her.

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  1. Aphexyo

    Oct 31st, 2012

    Man > Baddass > Shu

  2. temiauara

    Jan 25th, 2013

    ah. . ah. . ah .. .. ah . . ah .(speechles)

  3. eddydadi

    Mar 14th, 2013


  4. ritori

    Mar 19th, 2013


  5. Momo

    Jul 20th, 2013

    I hope Shu some how gets his power back!

  6. TwTOtakuMe

    Jan 4th, 2014

    TwT Why’d shu change?!

    It’s too hard for me to accept some of Shu’s doings….

    Pray for him… Lol….

    I want a good ending though. I have one in mind and I want it to be the end…… T^T

  7. UkatoeminA

    Jan 4th, 2014

    >.< Ready to watch! Gonna pull myself together while watching episode 18…

  8. Lnk


    Jan 9th, 2014

    They should really make an alternate ending. Perhaps an OVA…

  9. Lnk


    Jan 9th, 2014

    Not saying that I don’t like the ending (God, I love it!) but an alternate ending would be wonderful and nice to think upon.

  10. KilsuAgnus

    Jan 11th, 2014

    i hate the ending

  11. KilsuAgnus

    Jan 11th, 2014

    Yow yow yow Shu

  12. lostsoul

    Feb 9th, 2014

    so cool love watching it

  13. dark_lord

    Feb 20th, 2014

    Guilty crown is cool!

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