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Episode Summary: Shu is arrested by the GHQ much to his classmates shock and worry where he is sent to GHQ Isolation Facility Four where he remains silent about the Undertakers. Upon learning Gai and the Undertakers will attack the Facility to rescue their "comrade", Major Seiga brings Shu to the Isolation ward, revealing Yahiro sold him out so his brother, a victim of the Apocalypse Virus, can get treatment. Furthermore, he justifies GHQ's harsher actions for the safety of Japan and uses Shu's feelings for Inori and his doubts about Gai, revealing the "comrade" Gai wants to rescue is mass murderer Kenji Kido, which makes Shu question if Gai can be trusted. Later that night, a disguised Gai visits Shu and tells him his plans to rescue Kido but Shu doesn't want to be involve until Tsugumi informs them that Inori has broke orders to stand by in order to rescue Shu, which a worried Shu goes to save her, forcing Gai to change his plan. Protected by Ayase's Endlave Steiner, Shu heads to where Inori is at until he encounters Kido himself and uses his Void, a Gravity gun to stop the GHQ Endlaves, rescue Inori and destroy the GHQ Endlaves with Inori's Void sword. After Isolation Facility's destruction, Gai offers Shu to follow him which the latter reluctantly agrees, with Gai unaware that Shu has a transmitter given to him by Seiga.

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