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"Stop the World"
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Episode Summary: Alejandro Corner, after setting off Aeolia Schenberg's trap, becomes enraged by how Aeolia outsmarted him even in death. The Ptolemaios' crew finish repairing Dynames and pick up another GN Arms. The crew discuss the Trans-Am system, noting that the extreme boost in performance only lasts for a short time and drains GN particles in the process. While returning to the Ptolemaios, Setsuna detects an inbound UN assault force of GN-Xs and the Throne Zwei. The Gundams are eventually overwhelmed by the GN-Xs, but the situation changes when the Meisters activate their Trans-Am systems. Dynames soon arrives with the GN Arms and destroys more GN-X suits and two UN carrier ships, but the Throne Zwei destroys the GN Arms before the final blow can be dealt. When the Dynames is heavily damaged after a vicious duel with Ali, Lockon abandons his suit to continue the fight, determined to avenge his family. Using an intact cannon from the GN Arms, Lockon destroys the Throne, but a final shot from Ali damages the cannon. Floating in space, Lockon contemplates the current state of the world and admits his hatred of it long enough before he dies when the cannon explodes.

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