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Episode Summary: Setsuna continues to struggle against Alejandro with Lasse in the GN Arms. Exia docks with the GN Arms and succeeds in destroying the mobile armor, but the GN Arms is also destroyed in the process. Allelujah, wishing to know the meaning of their fight, unites with Hallelujah to face Sergei and Soma's GN-Xs, but at the end of the battle is shocked to recognize Soma as someone named Marie. With his mobile armor destroyed, Alejandro emerges in a golden mobile suit, the Alvaaron, to continue the fight. Using Exia's seven swords and the Trans-Am system, Setsuna bypasses Alejandro's GN Field and defeats him. Just before the Alvaaron explodes, Ribbons calls up Alejandro, admitting that he is the true mastermind of the whole plot to stop Celestial Being. Graham then appears in his GN Drive-equipped Flag and battles the weakened Exia. Setsuna and Graham finally reveal themselves to each other and trade their views on the Gundams, the world, and each other. At the end of their fight, Graham and Setsuna stab each other's suits which destroys the GN Flag and badly damages Exia. On Earth, Marina reads a letter from Setsuna questioning the current state of the world and how he hoped she would help him find the answers. Four years later, in 2312, Saji is an engineer working in the colony construction business when he glances out into space - and sees the faint light of a Gundam...

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