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"Flower of Life"
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Episode Summary: Despite his apparent death, Ribbons emerges and reveals that he used Veda to transfer his consciousness into another body. After dealing with Regene's treachery by having Ali al-Saachez shoot him, Ribbons reveals his massive colony ship to Celestial Being and fires a GN-Drive-powered particle cannon, destroying most of the A-Laws fleet. Celestial Being assaults the Innovators' colony ship and are countered by a swarm of Gaga units, which assume Trans-Am mode and launch waves of kamikaze attacks. In the ensuing battle, Patrick Colasour sacrifices himself to defend Kati's ship and the Seravee is completely wrecked by Hilling and Revive in their new Trans-Am-equipped suits. In the meantime, Setsuna and Saji confront Louise and Andrei; after disabling Andrei's Ahead, Setsuna moves in on the Regnant while Saji contacts Louise. The Ptolemaios II manages to enter the colony under cover from the Arios and GN Archer, but the ship is quickly infiltrated by hordes of automatons. Lockon fights a losing battle against Ali al-Saachez in his rebuilt Arche Gundam, while Soma's GN Archer runs out of particles and is hit by a Gaga unit. Sumeragi heads out to face the automatons swarming the Ptolemaios II, but is shocked to find they are accompanied by Billy Katagiri, the supplier of the Innovators' Trans-Am systems, who then pulls a gun on Sumeragi. Inside Veda's core, Ribbons is stunned that Tieria managed to survive Seravee's destruction and is now facing him at gunpoint.

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