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Episode Summary: The battle between the 00-Raiser and the Regnant comes to its conclusion when a Gaga attacks them both. Surviving the attack, Setsuna has Saji take Louise to safety before Hilling and Revive attack the 00-Raiser. Meanwhile, inside Veda's core, Tieria corners Ribbons and reveals that he knows the truth behind their existence before Ribbons kills him. Elsewhere, Louise finds herself in the company of Saji and attacks him, only to suffer a nervous breakdown upon finding out that he kept his ring. As the battle escalates with Hilling and Revive, Setsuna resorts to the 00-Raiser's Trans-Am system, which triggers his abilities as a pure Innovator and he intercepts the thoughts of his friends, comrades, and enemies. Frustrated with the grim nature of the situation, Setsuna unconsciously activates the 00-Raiser's Trans-Am Burst system and blankets the battlefield in pure GN particles, driving Hilling and Revive off while causing a momentary ceasefire among everyone. Seizing the moment, Setsuna infiltrates the colony and closes in on Veda's position. Meanwhile, Tieria links his mind with Veda, severing Ribbons' own connections and activating the Seraphim Gundam's Trial System to shut down all the Innovators' units. With Veda secured, the forces of Celestial Being wrap up their battles, including Lyle as he kills Ali al-Saachez to avenge his family and gains a new conviction. Setsuna locates Veda's core and finds Tieria dead but no sign of Ribbons. Before he can pursue Ribbons, Tieria reveals his presence inside Veda to Setsuna and explains the entirety of Aeolia Schenberg's plan to him. Setsuna departs for the Ptolemaios but when Ribbons shoots down the Seraphim in his Reborn's Gundam, he prepares to do battle one final time in the 00-Raiser.

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