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Episode Summary: The war has begun as Harry squares off against Lee who implements extensive training in the shadow and stealth tactics, and Brandon battles a mob of nigh-invulnerable undead soldiers. As his hits prove ineffective, Brandon switches to using D-Point rounds he picked up earlier and begins to blow away the Deadmen, though he is still unable to keep them down. Bunji comes to Brandon's aid, but its to no avail as both are injured. After sustaining massive damage from Lee, Harry begins to deduce Lee's motives and persuades Lee to temporarily believe in his cause and search for power and freedom. Lee becomes the first of Harry's many "transformed" familiars, and together the two extract the secret of Lightning and kill Cannon Vulcan, while Brandon and Bunji are on their last leg. Wong promises to revive them so that they can serve under him, but soon the Necro-Rised soldiers begin to disintegrate due to the experiment's expected time frame. Wong is injured by Brandon and retreats, and he and Vulcan spend their last moments reminiscing their history. As Vulcan dies, a dying Wong swallows a Necro-Rise formula and transforms into a monster in front of Brandon and Bunji. As Harry and Lee arrive, Bear Walken's Overkills blast the Necro-Rised Wong to pieces, with Brandon delivering the final killing blow.

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