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Episode Summary: As Harry, Bob, and Lee survey the ruins of the facility they meet an R&D member, Laguna Glock, who tells them that the Necro-Rise project works even better on live subjects and offers to continue it to make an army for Millennion, which Harry accepts. Dr. Tokioka delivers a letter from Brandon to Big Daddy in which Brandon confesses that he knew everything that Harry was up to but thought at the time it was for the good of the organization. He had also met with Dr. Tokioka earlier and asked him to revive him should anything happen to him if Harry veered off track, indicating that he knew something would have happened. Big Daddy stops Maria from confronting Harry and tells her that Brandon is still alives and gives her a case to give him if she should ever need his help. He sets her off to a safer place and confronts Harry himself. He tells Harry that Brandon knew everything, and a visibly upset Harry kills Big Daddy in a fit of rage, indicating he's slowly losing his mind. Harry vows to kill anyone and anything that can remind him of Big Daddy. Dr. Tokioka rechristens Brandon as Beyond The Grave.

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