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Episode Summary: In a short flashback, Bob is comatose due to his morbid obesity and high cholesterol. Laguna Glock suggests to Balladbird Lee that Superiorization might save him but it is a risk. Lee agrees but has himself undergo the procedure as a test subject first. Mika finds out about Millennion's history and who's who in the organization. She learns of Bloody Harry and the Big Four, being Bear Walken, Bob Poundmax, Balladbird Lee, and Bunji Kugashira. Having learnt of a big party at the mansion where all the big bosses will be present, Grave sneaks off to assassinate them. Instead he is greeted by many orcmen, a trap orchestrated by Bob's counter intelligence, as well as the big bosses. The bosses leave except for Bob who stays behind to test his Superior powers. While driving away, Bunji and Bear appear nostalgic about having seen Brandon again. During the fight with Bob, Grave remembers Harry and what it was he did to him. Bob eventually is killed when he cannot heal quickly enough from Grave's attacks.

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