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Episode Summary: Balladbird Lee is devastated after the death of Bob, his best friend. Harry figures out that Brandon must have had some help in order to be Necro-Rised and deduces that Dr. Tokioka was the one that helped him. Grave and Mika visit Maria's old home and he remembers more of his past relationship with her before joining the syndicate. Millennion discovers the location of them and Bunji goes in alone to confront Grave, whom he once considered himself to be close to. Despite being a human against a Necro-Rise, he has come prepared. Armed with bombs and a prototype weapon for use against the Necro-Rises, he confronts Grave, demanding to know why he betrayed the organization. Grave does not answer him and is nearly killed when Mika interrupts. Out of a sense of honor but very annoyed, Bunji doesn't kill Mika but scares her senseless by shooting at her. This angers Grave, and before the toxins can paralyze him fully, he violently beats Bunji.

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