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Episode Summary: Bunji is missing following his defeat at the hands of Grave and is later shown to be drinking heavily and a vagrant. Widge and Gary, who are now old men no longer with the syndicate, get a visit from Grave and Mika. Mika explains to them what happened to Brandon and Gary accidentally lets slip that Big Daddy was killed. Meanwhile Dr. Tokioka acquires information on everything to do with the Necro-Rises and Superiors, including their weaknesses. Grave leaves Mika in the protective care of Widge and Gary and drives to a roadblock where he is attacked by orcmen. Balladbird Lee deduces that since Grave is alone with a car he must be getting help from more people and tracks down Widge and Gary. Widge explains to Mika the history of Big Daddy and the circumstances of Brandon's death and they are interrupted by Lee making an entrance. Using his Superior powers, Widge and Gary are violently cut apart and Mika is taken. When Grave returns to their house he is devastated to see the fate of his old friends. Finally Bunji turns up at Laguna Glock's lab and offers his body to be upgraded.

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