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Episode Summary: Widge and Gary are buried alongside Maria, Big Daddy, Dr. Tokioka, and Butler Tokioka, next to Kenny, Nathan, and Jolice's graves. In the event of Balladbird Lee's death, Bear Walken had made preparations to face Grave himself. Several of the executives in the syndicate are disagreeing with Harry's attitude of fighting against Grave, preferring for him to resolve his differences with Brandon in order to protect the syndicate. However, Harry would rather fight and has an orcman kill all those opposing his views. Bear's Overkills track down Grave and Mika, but his last order to them is to disband. Grateful that Bear spared them from being made into orcmen, they respect his last order. Bear talks with Grave and arranges a duel at the mansion where nobody from the syndicate can get in Grave's way. Having heard what Bear had to say Mika understands why Bear is with the syndicate and that he is a decent man. At the mansion Bear's preparations for the duel are revealed to be his Superiorization but Grave uses the anti-Superior bullets. Before Bear dies he apologies to Grave and thinks about his daughter and what he had done to look after her, in a similar attitude to what Brandon had done for Big Daddy.

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