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Episode Summary: Having no allies left alive within Millennion anymore, Harry's days are numbered. Everybody is out to kill him and the new faction have acquired bullets to kill the orcmen. Harry is the only one who attends Sherry's funeral. Mika tries to find Grave at the headquarters but instead only finds the new boss of Millnenion who tells her that she is no longer targeted and is free. While driving away from Sherry's funeral, Harry sees an orcman get shot down and he is forced to escape the syndicate goons. During his escape he crashes his car and looks back at how his downfall came about. He then has a nostalgic flashback where they met Maria saving her from a gang of thugs and how Brandon and Maria fell in love at first sight. The old gang had fun hanging around, doing what they wanted, including following Brandon on his first date with Maria. Harry was happy with his life as he was free to do what he wanted. As Harry recovers from his car crash, Grave appears and aims a gun at him. He pulls the trigger but he has run out of bullets. They both start laughing like they used to before their syndicate days.

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